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This web-page was made by kids, for kids so that we

could  teach them about sharing organs and getting

transplants. This page was made by a

Community Problem Solving (CmPS) team made up of kids

with the goal of helping kids understand that organ

donation is the best kind of sharing in the world!

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link to coloring book

Hey kids check this out! It's our awesome coloring book about Peter Pod and his organ transplant. Print it out and color, color, color!

Chapter one, Click here!

Chapter two, Click here!

Chapter three, Click here!

Chapter four, Click here!


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link to scrapbook

This scrapbook contains pictures of the people who made this web-page possible and educated more people about organ transplants and donations!

Click here!

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link to recipes

The hottest rock group around, "Spice Rack" is here to teach you some radical recipes and tell you some foods you should eat before and after organ transplants!

Click here!

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link to kidskare membership card

     Now you can join the coolest club of all.......             the club that cares about people and our future!

Click here!

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Hey kids! Do you want an internet pen pal? If you do then you have come to the right place! To receive a Net Pal all you have to be is a kid!

          Click here!  

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link to e-mail us

Any time, day or night, you can e-mail us with any questions or comments that you have by

Clicking here

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National Kidney Foundation - www.kidney.org
Free Medical Advice! Live Medical Specialists Awaiting Your Questions 24 Hours a Day! Ask Now.
Foreign friends of our project:
Get Special Services.


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We would all like to thank the National Kidney Foundation, Marie Elebash, Richard Salick and everyone on our CmPS team for making this web-page possible, and thank you for looking at all our hard work!

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